Our goal is to treat the whole person. You have many different facets to your health, and we want to meet those needs—or we will help you find the outside resources to help you improve your  physical, mental, and emotional health.


We honor a woman's right to choose the type of birth she would prefer and the type of health care she would desire. We provide education and information in a collaborative way, free of judgment, so that our patients can make safe, informed choices for themselves and their families.


We follow the midwifery and family practice models to provide quality, evidence-based care to our pregnant patients. We are able to see low-risk and high-risk patients throughout the prenatal period.


We are on call 24/7 at Mad River and St. Joseph Hospitals to care for our laboring clients and their newborns. We support natural births, water births, and epidurals; we also perform C-sections and VBACs. Even after the birth of your baby, we continue to see both mom and infant for several months.

We work collaboratively with local midwives so you can feel secure that if your planned home birth requires a transfer to the hospital, you'll have continuity of care from a combined team that is built on trust and mutual respect.


Our midwife, Tessa, is also a certified lactation consultant. Our goal is a healthy, thriving baby and a peaceful feeding relationship. We can help you meet your specific goals, too. Individual and group support available.


We offer a weekly "Ohana Mamas" play circle, Fridays from 10:30am to noon, at the Ohana House. Drop in any Friday morning for postpartum and motherhood support from peers and experts, infant feeding support, baby weight checks, and to meet other new parents.


We will help you sort through the many options available. We offer hormonal birth control (the pill, patch, ring, shot, implant, IUD); non-hormonal birth control (natural family planning, copper IUD, condoms); and permanent birth control (tubal ligation, vasectomy).


In keeping with our commitment to the whole person, we offer both individual and couples counseling in our office with Pata Vang, ACSW. (You do not have to be an existing clinic patient to see her.) Whether you want to nurture or improve your relationships, explore what a new baby may mean in your lives, need help communicating with your partner, or are feeling depressed or anxious, Pata can assist in sorting through the issues you are facing. (Note that she is fluent in Hmong as well as English.)