Your options for abortion care will vary based on factors including how many weeks pregnant you are. Call 707-442-0400 to discuss your options. 

We honor a person's right to autonomous decision making about the care of their body. We provide education and information in a collaborative way, free of judgment, so that our patients can make safe, informed choices. 

Local Resources:

Choices Rising:  Humboldt based virtual abortion clinic. If you are 10 weeks pregnant or less, navigate to their site to schedule an appointment. 

Find a verified abortion provider- English:

Abortion Finder - abortionfinder.org

National Abortion Federation - prochoice.org

Abortion Care Network - abortioncarenetwork.org

In Texas- Needabortion.org


Find a verified abortion provider- Spanish:

Clinicas de Aborto en Linea/Online Abortion Clinic - clinicsdeaborto.com


Telemedicine abortion

Choices Rising- based in Humboldt County



Forward Midwifery


Abortion Funding Support

National Network of Abortion Funds - abortionfunds.org

National Abortion Federation - prochoice.org


Call for peer based counseling and support for pregnancy-related decisions (abortion, parenting, adoption, miscarriage)

All-Options Talkline- 1888-493-0092, all-options.org


Call for medical questions about miscarriage and abortion

Miscarriage and Abortion Hotline - mahotline.org

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